January 07, 2018 3 min read

2018, what will this year bring us?

Currently, by writing this blog, we've been around 1 week already in 2018. To bring that into a different perspective, we've already completed around 2% of 2018, if our math is correct of course! A new fresh year, new fresh and new years resolutions. We've seen that 80% of the new year's resolutions fail before February, so within the first 30 days! That is insane in our eyes, and we don't want that to happen to you. That's why we've got you 5 tips that can help you to stick to those new year's resolutions for the rest of the year!

  • Exercise more often

Exercising more often brings you not only a more healthy body but also gives you self-confidence and makes you feel good. This leads to being happier and being happier is always a good thing!

  • Talk about it

When you talk about your new year's resolutions to your family, friends or anyone then you have a pressure on yourself. Because if you promise to yourself and everyone you know you'll eat healthier this year, but gained 10lbs before 2019, that isn't that cool. But if you got the pressure and actually start using it as a good thing, and go with a healthy body in 2019, then you will be happy you never quit plus you've impressed your surroundings. 

  • Start immediately if not before the new year

Start immediately. When you said to yourself you will drink water instead of soda this whole year, then start on the 1st of January if not a few days before. Keep reminding yourself that soda isn't good and remove as much as soda as possible from your fridge. If you don't begin preparing for your resolution then there is a high chance that you will fail and give up. Start early!

  • Do it with someone you know

Do you want to quit smoking this year? Don't do it alone. Do it with a friend and see who lasts the longest. You will be more proud of how far you've come and without knowing you haven't smoked for a week, a month, 2 months, you stopped. The pressure is higher and you keep being motivated and supported if you're not standing alone, so find a partner to keep your new year's resolutions alive!

  • Keep reminding yourself

Keep reminding yourself of your goals. Every. Single. Day. Set your new year's resolutions as the background of your phone. Write it on a paper and put it next to your bed. Spam your phone with alarms so you will wake up that early and go that early to bed. Remove the soda from the fridge so you don't have other options, or put them in the back. If you tell yourself you NEED to do it. You will do it. Remind yourself every day and never quit, if you think like quitting remember when you started.

We hope we've helped some of you with this article and we hope even more that you, yeah you, will be a part of the >20% that will stick to their new year's resolutions. We wish everyone a happy 2018 and we hope everyone will make this their best year yet. We will for sure do that!

Thank you for being a part of Rotence.


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